Spa mask + Sleep spray - Offer

AED 59.00 AED 100.00


This relaxing package has a hot and cold compress mask that gives you SPA-quality skin treatment at home, a breathable towel, and soft skin-friendly, with good water absorption. Used to open or close pores, moisturize, and calm skin depending on the temperature, and a soothing sleep mist contains beneficial lavender essential oils to create an atmosphere of calmness to encourage rest and peaceful relaxation.

  1. Hot and cold compress.
  2. The sleep spray reduces sleep anxiety.
  3. Improve the mood, and calm the nerves.
How to use:

Use our hot compress mask for 5 minutes each time, to open the pores and let the skin drink enough water, so the nutrition in the skin care products will be absorbed by the skin and doubles its effectiveness. Then spray the mist 2 to 3 times under the pillow and on the sheets for minutes before going to bed.