Facial hair is a sign of virility and masculinity. It’s one of the ways you can express manliness and maturity. In fact, in some cultures around the world, a beard is considered a symbol of power. While most men swank their fast-growing facial hair, others battle with patchy and slow-growing beards. Even though genetic makeup plays a significant role in determining one’s beard, your dedication and commitment to grow a beard can bring the difference. If you feel like you’re fed up with a boy's face and want to grow a thick and lively beard fast, then here are some tricks to help you.

Tips on How to Grow your Beard Fast

Take Care of your Facial Skin

Clean and well-cared skin is the foundation of thick and healthy beard. Clean and wash your face regularly to help circulation. In case of dead skin, consider exfoliating to remove dead cells and give room for ingrown hair to open up pores. An exfoliating mask or a scrub is recommended when removing dead skin cells. A good cream or moisturizer is also ideal to keep your skin healthy. Some men use bar soap to clean their faces. However, this can dry your facial skin and make your beard look brittle. Shampooing one to two times a week can help eliminate flaky and dry hair and skin.

Check your Diet

What you eat determines your beard. If you want a thick and healthy beard, then start by eating the right foods. Some of the foods that should not miss in your plate include complex carbs, vitamins, proteins and plenty of water. Carbs that contain lots of fiber like whole grains are good for beard growth. Monounsaturated fats such as those in almonds, avocado, and olive oils can encourage beard to grow. Fish and nuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which is good for facial hair. Since hair is composed of protein, eating more of it can improve your beard growth. Lean protein sources like poultry, eggs, and fish are great testosterone boosters. Plenty of water makes you stay hydrated while encouraging facial hair growth.

Alongside well-balanced diet supplements such as vitamin E, Vitamin D, copper, zinc, Vitamin B, iron, and magnesium are crucial for the growth of thick hair. Experts recommend other supplements such as biotin, beta-carotene, flaxseed oil and nettle.

Exercise Regularly

This may sound weird, but it works! Exercises can improve the growth and quality of your beard. Exercises such as brisk walking, running, dancing, cycling and cardio workouts have been proven to promote the growth of thick beard. Exercises improve blood circulation and nutrients in the body. This, in turn, increases your testosterone which promotes the growth of hair follicles and facial hair.

Get Enough Rest

Plenty of sleep helps your skin to repair any damaged cells and promote ingrown hairs. Besides, sleep also encourages the body to regenerate testosterone hormone. The recommended sleep time should be eight hours. If you sleep for only five hours, you reduce your testosterone production by 15%. This often leads to patchy whiskers on your face.


June 28, 2018 — Mohammed Mithalouni