Hair color with comb - Dark Hair

AED 49.00 AED 100.00


This Hair coloring is as easy and direct as combing your hair.
Ammonia-free Formula Hair Dye Cream with Jojoba oil, it's gentle to the scalp making your hair feel healthy & silky, giving it a conditioning and hydrating role.
Includes an easy hair color comb, gloves, earmuffs, raincoat, bath cap, and small comb, It's the best pick for getting a creative home salon at hand.

  1. No ammonia and dreadful chemical smell.
  2. Natural, rich, and long-lasting color from root to tip.
  3. Easy to apply, perfect for daily use.
How to use:
  1. Comb your hair before using the product.
  2. Press lightly to squeeze out the color mixture.
  3. Comb your hair with the mixture evenly.