Milk whitening body wash & lotion 300ml

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It contains shea butter essence, which makes your skin feel smooth and repair damaged skin. It is rich in milk that can make your skin moisturizing and whitening. This natural white lightening care for the body helps lighten the skin with innovative natural skin whitening agents, including a blend of morus root bark extract and bearberry extract. It is ideal to lighten dark discolorations such as age spots, liver spots, and freckles. 

  1. Attenuates wrinkles.
  2. Lightens dark discoloration.
  3. Clears age spots and liver spots.
  4. Removes freckles and Enriches the skin. 
How to use:

Rub the gel into a rich foam with bath cotton and apply the foam to all parts of the body. The body lotion is a cosmetic lotion applied to the body after a bath.