Tea tree oil facial foaming cleanser face wash for Acne skin

AED 49.00


This oil-free formula is mild, and the foam is fine and dense. This foaming face wash is with Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid; it can deeply clean and moisturize the skin. It can help to unclog pores and reduce oiliness to clear acne and breakouts. It also helps heal acne from the source and prevents future breakouts, leaving your skin comfortable and refreshing.

  1. Treats well with acne problems. and reduces oiliness and shine
  2. Cleanses blemished skin
  3. Mild, gentle, and refreshing on the skin.
How to use:
  1. Wet your face and take an appropriate amount of foam.
  2. Apply on skin and massage in a circular upward motion.
  3. Rines with water & ideal for everyday use.